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Gary Chang, MBA, CFA, Director(1)(2)

Mr. Chang is a Chartered Financial Analyst with over 10 year’s international experience in both the financial and petroleum industry. He has experience with several major securities firms and investment companies in both North America and China, including Prudential Securities Inc. and Guotai Junan Securities co., Ltd.

Gang Fang, Chairman of the Board & CEO(1)(2)

Dr. Fang holds a Ph.D. in science from Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland and has 18 years of senior management experience in Asia, Europe and North America. He has held executive positions in China with Royal Philips Components, ASML B.V., Tianfa Petroleum Co. Ltd, Dussman Group, Oriental Energy Co., and Great United Petroleum Holding Co., Ltd.

Zhen Xiang Huo, Director(3)

Mr. Huo has over 30 years’ experience in the petrochemical, logistics, business management and investment industries. He was the founder of Beijing Unified Petroleum & Chemicals Co. in 1999 which developed lubricating oil “Monarch” which has become an international brand name in auto lubricants. Mr. Huo currently serves on the Board of Directors of a number of companies, including Alliance Success Holding Group Ltd., among others.

Hong Lei, Director

Mr. Lei is a recognized business consulting expert in China and has been engaged by numerous companies to provide advice relating to product promotion, planning and marketing. He is Managing Director of Alliance Success Holding Group Ltd.

Guangzhen Song, Director

Mr. Song holds an associate Degree in Management from Langfang University and has in excess of 25 years of business and management experience. Mr. Song is the founder of Langfang Shengtai Real Estate Co., Ltd, a real estate development company of which he is the Chairman and major shareholder.

Chengfeng Tang, Director(1,2)

Mr. Tang holds a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Southwest Petroleum University of China. Mr. Tang has served as a Vice President of LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd since 2009, Executive Director since September 2012 and was appointed President of LandOcean in September 2013. Mr. Tang is responsible for the management of international markets and prior to LandOcean was an officer of Zhong You He Huong Information Technology Ltd.

1: Member of the Audit and Reserves Committee
2: Member of the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee
3: Member of the Compensation and Governance Committee